Page TitleDateLocation
Off to a Big Start2007-07-15Indianapolis, IN to Pelham, AL
What a Nutty Day!2007-07-16Pelham, AL to Perry, FL
Oh, the Huge Manatees!2007-07-17Perry, FL to Clearwater, FL
Sunken Gardens and Dancing Palm Trees2007-07-18Clearwater, FL to Pine Island, FL
Everglades and the Keys2007-07-19Pine Island, FL to Key West, FL
Six-Toed Cats and a Guy Named Ed2007-07-20Key West, FL to Miami, FL
Sabbath2007-07-21Miami, FL
Lions and Leopards and...Wedding Bells?2007-07-22Miami, FL
Second Annual Dork Summit!2007-07-23Miami, FL to Vero Beach, FL
St. Augustine2007-07-24Vero Beach, FL to Kingsland, GA
Through the Heart of Georgia2007-07-25Kingsland, GA to Cornelia, GA
Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg2007-07-26Cornelia, GA to Pigeon Forge, TN
Last Leg of the Trip2007-07-27Pigeon Forge, TN to Indianapolis, IN