Page TitleDateLocation
World’s Largest Horseshoe2017-06-30Martinsville, IL
World’s Largest Pitchfork2017-06-30Casey, IL
World’s Largest Rocking Chair2017-06-30Casey, IL
World’s Largest Wind Chime2017-06-30Casey, IL
World’s Largest Mailbox2017-06-30Casey, IL
World’s Largest Wooden Shoes2017-06-30Casey, IL
World’s Largest Bird Cage2017-06-30Casey, IL
World’s Largest Pencil2017-06-30Casey, IL
World’s Largest Knitting Needles and Crochet Hook2017-06-30Casey, IL
Cruiser’s Drive Thru2017-06-30Effingham, IL
Tin Man of Ductwork2017-06-30Effingham, IL
Buffalo and Teepee2017-06-30St. Elmo, IL
Madonna of the Trail2017-06-30Vandalia, IL
Vandalia Arch2017-06-30Vandalia, IL
Shimoji Coffee2017-06-30Vandalia, IL
Kaskaskia Dragon2017-06-30Vandalia, IL
The Discovery of King Tut - Saint Louis Science Center2017-06-30St. Louis, MO
Waffle House2017-07-01Granite City, IL
Chain of Rocks Bridge2017-07-01Granite City, IL
World's Largest Catsup Bottle2017-07-02Collinsville, IL
Cahokia Mounds - Monks Mound2017-07-02Collinsville, IL
Delilah's Big Red Shoe2017-07-02Belleville, IL
Road Sign Art2017-07-02Mt. Vernon, IL
Attorney Abraham Lincoln Statue2017-07-02Mt. Vernon, IL
Golf Ball and Tee Water Tower2017-07-02Rend Lake, IL
Noel Neill - Lois Lane Statue2017-07-02Metropolis, IL
Superman Statue2017-07-02Metropolis, IL
Kryptonite2017-07-02Metropolis, IL
Big John2017-07-02Metropolis, IL
Paducah Wall-to-Wall Murals2017-07-03Paducah, KY
Tribeca Mexican Cuisine2017-07-03Paducah, KY
Horse Watering Fountain2017-07-03Paducah, KY
Rough River Pizza Company2017-07-04Leitchfield, KY
Barrel of Fun Ice Cream2017-07-04Louisville, KY