Page TitleDateLocation
Indianapolis (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Indianapolis, IN
Greenwood (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Greenwood, IN
Franklin (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Franklin, IN
Grave of Nancy Barnett2008-01-20Amity, IN
Long's Furniture World (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Amity, IN
Edinburgh (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Edinburgh, IN
North of Columbus (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Columbus, IN
Mill Race Park2008-01-20Columbus, IN
Columbus (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Columbus, IN
North Vernon and Vernon (Madison State Road)2008-01-20North Vernon, IN
Dupont (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Dupont, IN
Madison (Madison State Road)2008-01-20Madison, IN
Downtown Madison2008-01-20Madison, IN