Restaurant Date
Eagle Creek Coffee Company 2006-11-16 B C B C B- B
Claddagh Irish Pub 2006-12-20 A+ A A+ A+ A+ A+
Slaviansky Bazar 2007-01-23 C B D D- B D+
Bourbon Street Distillery 2007-04-24 A A A- A+ A- A+
Dawson's on Main 2007-10-16 B A A B+ A B
Eagle's Nest 2007-10-23 B+ A- A A+ A A+
Tie Dye Grill 2007-12-11 A+ A A- A A A
Propylaeum Tea Room 2008-01-29
The Ram 2008-05-14
Marble's Cafe 2009-08-25 A B+ A- A A A+

Eagle Creek Coffee Company : The sandwich was small for the price that was charged. Had a nice blend of taste (no one ingredient overwhelmed the other ingredients). The sandwich was prepared with cheese, sauerkraut, corned beef, and dressing on rye bread. The bread wasn't toasted as it is supposed to be, but I prefer the bread un-toasted so I liked that part.

Claddagh Irish Pub : Reuben had a great taste. Wasn't an original but was very good. It was presented very well, not messy or thrown together. Nice portion. I didn't feel overwhelmed with food, nor was I scared that I would run out of something to eat before I was done eating. I liked the atmosphere, very relaxing. Very good service. I recommend that we do a Reuben Tuesday there again!

Slaviansky Bazar : I personally did not care for this place. The seating arrangement was uncomfortable. There were not enough seats for everyone and we did not have that many people. The sandwich was edible but it probably would not be my first choice if were asked where I wanted to go. Nothing was outstanding about the sandwich.

Bourbon Street Distillery : Best Reuben that I have had so far. I would definitely return to this establishment for another Reuben. Pleasant environment. Sandwich was prepared exactly as I expected. No one ingredient in the sandwich overwhelmed another.

Dawson's on Main : The ingredients of the sandwich were not blended very well. The value was acceptable. Presentation was average. Atmosphere was nice. Could have been a little lighter. Service was also very well done. Nothing about this place knocked me off my feet. Just an average place. I would go back.

Eagle's Nest : Didn't have any sauce on the sandwich. The cost was a little higher than what I thought it should be but worth it for the environment. Presented very nicely. Service was great. Overall experience was fantastic, probably more actually for the dining atmosphere. I would recommend this place.

Tie Dye Grill : The Reuben was probably the best that I have had up to this point. The onion rings were definitely the best yet. Generous portions! The service was very kind and accommodating. The surroundings were in direct alignment with the name of the establishment--Tie Dye Grill. I would and will be returning.

Propylaeum Tea Room :

Marble's Cafe : Great taste and relaxing environment. Will go back for another Reuben.