Hilltop Motel

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    Chris is pretty sure that this is the motel that—when he reserved the room and mentioned the boys—told him that loud children would not be tolerated, in a way that suggested that the statement welled up from a place of deep hurt and possible betrayal. Apart from that uneasy note, however, the motel was pleasant enough, with tin vintage or retro advertisements adorning the exterior walls and a sign in the office that states that they would love to have guests’ expired license plates to add to their collection. The room and accompanying bathroom were generously sized and clean.




    Breakfast at the Hilltop Motel was served outside on a picnic table, and consisted of some unspecified juice, coffee, and delectable cinnamon rolls. A local morning paper was also thoughtfully provided, and I enjoyed reading the seven comic strips while I ate. Also of interest were multiple announcements of open houses for newborn infants.