Korners Kountry Kitchen

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  • Overall: A (4.5/5)
  • Value: A (4.5/5)
  • Atmosphere: A+ (5/5)
  • Service: A (4.5/5)
  • Food: A (4.5/5)


No corned beef that day for a Reuben

I wasn't sure what to expect from a restaurant that is located along the main street of a small Indiana town. I was so pleasantly surprised by both the exterior and the interior of the Korners Kountry Kitchen. The restaurant was very clean and interior felt very spacious, featuring with nice wood floor, vaulted wood ceiling and stone fireplace.

The kitchen was in full view in the corner of the main dining area, but it seemed exceptionally clean and was incorporated into the environment in a tasteful way.

Korners Kountry Kitchen, Brookville, IN

Our server advised me that they were out of corned beef so I could not order the Reuben platter that I had been looking forward to.
I opted instead for their Monday special, the Mushroom and Swiss Burger platter. I chose sweet potato fries as my side item for the platter, and a Cherry Coke (drinks are included with their daily specials).

Mushroom and Swiss Burger at Korners Kountry Kitchen, Brookville, IN
Mushroom and Swiss Burger at Korners Kountry Kitchen, Brookville, IN

The Mushroom and Swiss Burger featured a good sized hamburger patty, and some very tasty Swiss cheese. The sweet potato fries were also enjoyable.

Katherine ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Cole Slaw, and she said that they were also good.

The front of the menu said that the restaurant is known for their BBQ brisket; however, I tried to find beef brisket on the lunch menu and was unable to do so. Perhaps it's only available at dinner, or at special times of the week. I would like to come back and try their barbecued meat at sometime in the future.

Korners Kountry Kitchen, Brookville, IN