Green Hill Drive-In (closed)

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    One warm Sunday afternoon in April, our family stopped at the Green Hill Drive In, which is on the eastern edge of Morgantown, Indiana, on the south side of State Road 252/135 (). We had driven past it many times, but the last couple of times we have been in the area, we have made a point to stop.

    There aren't many dining options in Morgantown, which may be one of the contributing factors to why the Green Hill is still in business. While we ate in the dining room, our waitress was also helping with orders at the window (see the sign for "curb service"?), and also drive-in customers.

    At night, the angled pole in front of the left side of the building has lights that still race upward. I don't believe that the neon above the main Green Hill sign works anymore, and the top part of the sign could use another coat of paint.

    Green Hill Drive In

    The atmosphere inside is from a different era. The old, sturdy wooden chairs, the chalkboards, the glass cabinet, and the floor tile that may be original! They also have kept the tiny bathrooms immaculate despite their antique hardware.

    Green Hill Drive In Menu

    My wife and I ordered their cheeseburger, and our boys shared a pizza. The food was delicious. On the wall next to our booth, they had a listing of the 24 exotic flavors of soft serve ice cream that they had available. They had quite a variety of intriguing flavors. We may need to come back to sample some more...

    Green Hill Drive In

    Green Hill Drive In

    If you are passing through Morgantown, I recommend a visit!