ZaZa Restaurant (closed)

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  • Overall: B+ (4/5)
  • Value: B+ (4/5)
  • Atmosphere: B+ (4/5)
  • Service: B+ (4/5)
  • Food: A+ (5/5)

Four of us ate at ZaZa on a Monday evening, July 27, 2009. It was a rainy day and the garden area was not open due to the rain. However, we wanted to sit outside, so they set up a table for us in the doorway of the restaurant's front room so we could be almost on the sidewalk. I ordered the salmon (see photo), which was delicious!

Photos of ZaZa Restaurant, New York City
This photo of ZaZa Restaurant is courtesy of my review on TripAdvisor

I'm not overly adventurous, and somewhat cheap, so it took me a while to find something on the menu that I wanted to eat. I certainly was not disappointed. The restaurant was somewhat empty while we were there, so the service seemed a little slow, but just attentive enough. As far as atmosphere, we enjoyed watching the traffic and the people on the sidewalk from our perch in the entryway. It was definitely a quiet atmosphere in the restaurant, well suited for discussion and interaction with your dining party. Being from Indiana, I hadn't chosen the restaurant, but our NYC hosts had and I was overall very pleased with their selection. The total for my wife and myself with drinks and tip was about an even $100.