Pizza Tower (closed)

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  • Overall: B+ (4/5)
  • Value: D+ (2/5)
  • Atmosphere: B+ (4/5)
  • Service: A+ (5/5)
  • Food: B+ (4/5)

Timed Tuesday

Regular prices on the menu

Since my wife was out of town, our boys requested that we take a trip to the Pizza Tower. We timed the trip to occur on a Tuesday, because the Tuesday special is "Timed Tuesday," which according to their website: "Medium 1-Item Pizzas are the Price of the Current time. For Example, 5:01 = $5.01; Starting at 4PM." We planned to arrive as early for dinner as we could, which was 4:45 p.m.--meaning that we were able to get their medium one-topping pizzas for $4.45. The normal price for their medium one-topping pizza is $10.84, so this worked out to quite a savings. I highly recommend visiting early on Tuesdays.

The first thing that we noticed on this hot August day was that the dining room was very cold. The air conditioning certainly worked well, and they had one of the ceiling fans running so it was actually a little windy at the table.

The Pizza Tower is a two story building with the main dining section built in an octagon shape like a tower, and set up so there are actually four levels of dining--each one a few steps above the previous one--surrounding the central kitchen area. The dining area is architecturally intriguing.

Pizza Tower - Interior

The tables are decorated with empty wine bottles with wicker around the base, and artificial flowers inside. It's a nice effect for a pizza place. The booths in the area where we are always seated have a dimmer switch on the wall to control the chandelier above the table.

At less than $5 per pizza, we ordered three--one for each of us. Mine had onion, one boy had black olive and the other had half black olive and half pineapple. The boys ordered Mello Yello ($2.09) that came with free refills. The pizzas arrived just over 10 minutes after they were ordered.

Pizza Tower Pizza

The pizzas had a light crust that curved upward near the edges. The tomato sauce had a good hint of sweetness; the cheese blended nicely. They cooked my pizza just right. I also appreciated that the top was not greasy or oily at all. I really enjoyed the pizza.

The staff was very friendly. We arrived before 5 p.m., so they weren't terribly busy, and we received just the right amount of service. Our server came around just often enough so that we felt taken care of.

The only thing I don't like about the Pizza Tower is their regular prices. For our 3 one-topping medium pizzas and 2 soft drinks, the total before tax came to $36.71. Fortunately because of their Timed Tuesday special, they wrote off $19.17 of that as a discount, meaning that it only came to $17.54 before tax. Adding taxes and tip, we walked out only spending $23.94. Definitely check out the specials on their website ahead of time or join their Pizza Tower Rewards club and receive regular e-mail specials.

While the pizza is above average, I don't recommend eating here at the regular price. There are plenty of other places with comparable pizza for a better value.