Florida 2007

Jul 15–27, 2007

Off to a Big Start Jul 15, 2007 Indianapolis, IN to Pelham, AL
What a Nutty Day! Jul 16, 2007 Pelham, AL to Perry, FL
Oh, the Huge Manatees! Jul 17, 2007 Perry, FL to Clearwater, FL
Sunken Gardens and Dancing Palm Trees Jul 18, 2007 Clearwater, FL to Pine Island, FL
Everglades and the Keys Jul 19, 2007 Pine Island, FL to Key West, FL
Six-Toed Cats and a Guy Named Ed Jul 20, 2007 Key West, FL to Miami, FL
Sabbath Jul 21, 2007 Miami, FL
Lions and Leopards and...Wedding Bells? Jul 22, 2007 Miami, FL
Second Annual Dork Summit! Jul 23, 2007 Miami, FL to Vero Beach, FL
St. Augustine Jul 24, 2007 Vero Beach, FL to Kingsland, GA
Through the Heart of Georgia Jul 25, 2007 Kingsland, GA to Cornelia, GA
Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg Jul 26, 2007 Cornelia, GA to Pigeon Forge, TN
Last Leg of the Trip Jul 27, 2007 Pigeon Forge, TN to Indianapolis, IN