L & M Motel

2000 N. Oakton Rd, Savanna, IL 61074 USA

(815) 273-7728

Category: Motel

Overall:B(3.5/5.0 stars)

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Review Date: Jul 3, 2008

Overall:B(3.5/5.0 stars)

Our day’s journey ended at the dubious L&M Motel. Perhaps it’s foolish, but Katherine has qualms when pulling into a parking lot full of motorcycles. Still, we collected our room key and got out of the car. Our room was on the second floor, which was reached by an outer staircase and walkway.

Katherine was less than thrilled by the perfunctory ogling which came from the shirtless Spanish-speaking men who were sitting on chairs in the middle of the walkway, drinking beer. She was glad to find that her room preceded that occupied by the shirtless men.

Later, the boys were “pursued” by an amiable and gentle dog. Despite the outer appearance, the room was pleasant enough, and the beds were a comfort after a long day.