Dual Mascots

Fergus Falls, MN

Jul 2, 2008

As we entered Otter Tail county, county road 52 turns into county road 82, which is still the historical alignment of US-52. We followed it into Fergus Falls.


Fergus Falls—besides having an awesome name—has two big attractions. The first is the imaginatively-titled “Large Canada Goose.”


The second, only a couple of minutes away, is the World’s Largest Otter. Without informational signage (which—let’s face it—may or may not have been read even if it had been present), we don’t really know why the otter was chosen. Maybe a lot of otters live in Fergus Falls. Maybe people in Fergus Falls just think that otters are cute. Or maybe (like other towns) they just thought, “Hey, we otter have the World’s Biggest Something to attract tourism.”


In any case, the otter is large and yet looks cute and cuddly, unlike the World’s Largest Buffalo. We couldn’t ride on his back, which was disappointing, but we did give him a big ol’ Hoosier hug.