Saskatchewan 2008

Jun 22–Jul 4, 2008

The Michigan Road Jun 22, 2008 Indianapolis, IN to Holland, MI
Wooden Shoe Restaurant and Antique Mall Jun 22, 2008 Holland, MI
Klompen Aplenty Jun 22, 2008 Holland, MI
World’s Largest Picnic Table Jun 22, 2008 West Olive, MI
White River Light Station Jun 22, 2008 Whitehall, MI
World’s Largest Weather Vane Jun 22, 2008 Montague, MI
Tuscan Grille and Travelers Motel Jun 22, 2008 Manistee, MI to Onekama, MI
A Man, A Pan, and a Swan Jun 23, 2008 Onekama, MI to Elk Rapids, MI
Goin’ to the Chapel, and We’re Gonna See a Pie Pan Jun 23, 2008 Elk Rapids, MI to Charlevoix, MI
A Subway to Mackinac Island Jun 23, 2008 Charlevoix, MI to Mackinac Island, MI
Carriage Tour and Fort Mackinac Jun 23, 2008 Mackinac Island, MI
Birch Bark Ceiling Tiles and a Big Blue Babe Jun 23, 2008 St. Ignace, MI to Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Plaza Motor Motel Jun 23, 2008 Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Can I Speak to the Owner of the Soo Locks? Jun 24, 2008 Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Reuben Rating and Homegrown Poetry Jun 24, 2008 Newberry, MI
Feeling a Bit Superior Jun 24, 2008 Marquette, MI
Ish, Gus, and a Lot of Questionable Statuary Jun 24, 2008 Ishpeming, MI
Reconstructive Surgery and Hiawatha Jun 24, 2008 Bessemer, MI to Ironwood, MI
Ironwood, or Iron Stomach? Jun 24, 2008 Ironwood, MI
A Lonely Lodge Jun 24, 2008 Ironwood, MI
Reel Big Fish Jun 25, 2008 Hayward, WI
Two Forks? Jun 25, 2008 Superior, WI
Walking Softly Near the Big Stick Jun 25, 2008 Eveleth, MN to Virginia, MN
Iron Man Jun 25, 2008 Chisholm, MN
Welcoming Fish Jun 25, 2008 Orr, MN to Lake Kabetogama, MN
Smokey Bear Jun 25, 2008 International Falls, MN
Encountering the Chocolate Moose Jun 25, 2008 International Falls, MN
Hilltop Motel Jun 25, 2008 International Falls, MN
Cinnamon Rolls, Willie the Worm, and Walleye Jun 26, 2008 International Falls, MN to Warroad, MN
What's the Draw in Regina? Jun 26, 2008 Sprague, MB to Steinbach, MB
The Brass Lantern, Reubens, and George Jun 26, 2008 La Broquerie, MB
Where the Money Comes From Jun 26, 2008 Winnipeg, MB
Winnie the Bear and Leo Mol Jun 26, 2008 Winnipeg, MB
Kelsey’s Bar and Grill Jun 26, 2008 Winnipeg, MB
Donuts, Grumpiness, and a Public Service Announcement Jun 27, 2008 Winnipeg, MB
Hydrants and Pipes, Oh My! Jun 27, 2008 Elm Creek, MB to Saint Claude, MB
Another Holland and Sara the Camel Jun 27, 2008 St. Claude, MB to Glenboro, MB
Souris, Dual Citizenship, and a Few Miles of Bad Road Jun 27, 2008 Glenboro, MB to Souris, MB
The Burger Family and a Red Paper Clip Jun 27, 2008 Souris, MB to Kipling, SK
Indian Head, Grain Elevators, and Regina Jun 27, 2008 Kipling, SK to Indian Head, SK
Final Destination Jun 27, 2008 Indian Head, SK to Regina, SK
Sabbath Jun 28, 2008 Regina, SK
RCMP Heritage Centre Jun 29, 2008 Regina, SK
Humpty’s Jun 29, 2008 Regina, SK
Corner Gas and Dog River Jun 29, 2008 Rouleau, SK
Corner Gas and Josh the Cook Jun 29, 2008 Regina, SK
Better than TV Jun 29, 2008 Regina, SK
Little Chicago and Mac the Moose Jun 30, 2008 Moose Jaw, SK
National Cafe Jun 30, 2008 Moose Jaw, SK
Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village Jun 30, 2008 Moose Jaw, SK
A Lighthouse, Some Flowers, and Really Big Wheat Jul 1, 2008 Regina, SK to Estevan, SK
Heading for the Border to Chill (’N Grill) Jul 1, 2008 North Portal, SK to Kenmare, ND
Getting in Touch with Some of Katherine’s Roots Jul 1, 2008 Minot, ND
Stuck in the Middle With You Jul 1, 2008 Rugby, ND to Jametown, ND
Buffalo and a Booming Chicken Jul 2, 2008 Jamestown, ND to Rothsay, MN
Dual Mascots Jul 2, 2008 Fergus Falls, MN
Big Ole and an Extra-Large Runestone Jul 2, 2008 Alexandria, MN
A Lunch In Poor Taste Jul 2, 2008 Alexandria, MN
Crowing About Sculptures Jul 2, 2008 West Union, MN to Minneapolis, MN
What’s Your Malt? Jul 2, 2008 Minneapolis, MN
Truckin’ Past the Beach Dude Jul 2, 2008 Hampton, MN to Cannon Falls, MN
An Unexpected Cave Jul 3, 2008 Harmony, MN
The Irish Shanti Jul 3, 2008 Gunder, IA to Guttenberg, IA
Museum of Unruly Children Jul 3, 2008 Dubuque, IA
Eating on an Island Jul 3, 2008 Sabula, IA
L&M and a Lot of Motorcycles Jul 3, 2008 Savanna, IL
You Think There’s Not a Lot Goin’ On Jul 4, 2008 Dixon, IL
Don’t Bother With The Launching Pad (because they won’t be bothered with you) Jul 4, 2008 Wilmington, IL
Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig Jul 4, 2008 Wilmington, IL to Indianapolis, IN