State/Province City Establishment name Overall Rating
Kentucky Barbourville Big Chicken 2.5
Maryland Baltimore Giant Pineapple 2.5
Tennessee Kingsport Big Indian 3.2
Tennessee Kingsport Burger, Hot Dog, Fries and Drink 3.5
Tennessee Kingsport Muffler Man with Hamburger 4.0
Tennessee Kingsport Purple Cows 3.5
Tennessee Kingsport The Old Hand
Virginia Natural Bridge Johnny Appleseed
Virginia Quicksburg Giant Cootie 5.0
Virginia Quicksburg Giant Frog
Virginia Quicksburg Statue of Liberty
Virginia Roanoke Big Ol’ Bikes
Virginia Roanoke Cast Iron Skillet
Virginia Roanoke Coffee Pot
Virginia Roanoke Dr. Pepper and H & C Coffee Signs
Virginia Roanoke Fire Station Dog
Virginia Roanoke Mill Mountain Star
Virginia Roanoke Muffler Man with Tire
Virginia Roanoke Optimus Prime
Virginia Roanoke Stonehenge
Virginia Staunton Big Eyeglasses
Virginia Staunton Big Watering Can
Virginia Winchester World’s Largest Apple
Virginia Wytheville Giant Pencil